He appeared before her so heartbroken,
He stood before her in tears of shame.
Caused by his infidelity to her,
Arising from his insatiable nature of greed.

A man of promiscuous tendencies and habits;
Yet of very humble and innocent looks and carriage.
He wept uncontrollably for he wounded her trust.
He covered his face, dreading to behold her beauty.

Even though he begged and asked for another opportunity,
He already had pierced and wasted several offered chances.
Despite the years of hardship faced together,
Or the series of sleepless nights she endured for him;
In constant prayer for his successful trips.

He did push away her affection for one night stands.
Thrusting deep into oceans of illicit emotions,
He did baptize her dedication by the waters of infatuation.
And thus, her goodwill and trust interpreted as foolishness.

This was the fate of him who despised his Maker,
The predicament of one clinging fast to worldly desires.
A sorrow so grave, to cause him eternal sadness.
Yet one pleasure he fails to constantly give up.

Sin, the sweet juice only lasting a moment;
A brief moment of setback and bodily gains,
Yet one opening up the sea of attractive vices.
Bent on depriving him of perpetual heavenly gains;
But in sincerity of heart, does he once again prostrate.

At the feet of mercy and compassion, he falls flat.
And like a true lover, mercy attends his way always
A new door and page of opportunity open unto him.
And his wrong doings of the past, forgotten once again with ease.