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The Proposal

He knelt down, bringing out a diamond studded ring, saying to the envy of onlookers the most anticipated word in “lovers relationship”, “will you marry me” with a beam of smile etched on his face, mixed with a glint of seriousness, she never bothered saying yes , as she took a cheeky stride away from her man who was left stupefied and totally embarrassed at the strings of events that just occurred in the last few minutes that has made him a laughing stock among the small section that had just witnessed his show of shame.

For real ! I whispered to myself as I continue to munch the bowl of popcorn I had bought home from work, not me, I will never let a chance like this pass me by, if there is anything I want right now, it is me hearing Goke say to me, “will you marry me” well it is just a movie, so who cares!

Just as they were about switching to the next scene, screams of “AH NEPAAA!” rented the air, everything went pitch black, lifting myself off my couch, I made my way to the socket where I unplugged the television’s cable, using my phone as a touch light, I hopped back to the couch.

While I fiddle with my phone, reading and replying my chats, I could place the voice of Okolo, my Igbo neighbour telling his son Chibuzor to go and put on the generator, can’t we just have a quiet night for ourselves I thought, for the sound of my neighbour’s generating set is like that of an angry dog, better still a grinding machine, what else can I do than to pray and expecting that the generator be turned off as soon as the evening news is over.

The generator soon announced its arrival with its usual baby bush scream, switching back my already distracted being to my chats, the network adding to my woes for it would not load my messages as fast as possible, so I opened my e-book app, picking a novel among my long list of romance collection.

I tried reading, but my mind kept going back to the movie I was watching before the light went off, I could not believe that any woman in her right senses will reject a man’s proposal, well we all have reasons for the choices we make. Right now I will do anything to have my man propose to me right now, it is now five years dating Goke, and I am still waiting for him to ask me the only one question that will solve my life’s entire problem.

All I keep getting from him is ‘patience’ this I have had enough, I am no kid anymore, in two years time, I will be thirty, my parent had to call me over to the village when they learnt that Goke had left the country for Canada. They had told me Maami had fallen ill, I was surprised when I got to our house, seeing Maami and Baami devouring a plate of moi-moi and Eko , while our old cassette player was playing one of Adewale Ayuba’s song.

There I realised that I had been tricked to the village, for they knew I would never come home if they had told me that they called me to discuss my inability to bring home a husband, especially now that Goke had left for Canada.
The only thing I was left with was work and money, it was a great distraction for me, working in a bank took most of my time, the little I had left was dedicated to my Harlequin series and African magic, apart from these, I am just me.

I pushed away my phone, tucking it under my pillow, if could not get myself to read, then putting myself to sleep is just the best option I’m left with. I could feel the wind brushing against my skin, I buried myself under my duvet, I was beginning to feel drowsy and I knew in no fewer minutes, I should be in utopia. So I helped myself by singing an inwardly a lullaby to myself, just then, the jarring noise of my phone brought me back to life, as the sweet sonorous voice of Beyonce, “common I wanna dance in the dark” told me I had an incoming call, I lifted up my pillow, picking up my phone, I was surprise of seeing the caller, LEKAN!

I was surprised at seeing this, I could not think of any reason why Lekan will call me at this odd hour, then I remembered the time zone difference, Lekan is my best friend boyfriend. Seyi has been my childhood friend, we meet back then in king’s and queen international school, and ever since then, we grew from just being friends to sisters.

“Howdy Lekan, and how have you being” I had to wait for few seconds before he could reply me, I listened as he spoke to me, tears rolled down my cheeks as I dropped the phone, I did not know if it was tears of joy or that of sadness, my best friend is getting married, and his fiancée has just called me to help arrange a surprise proposal party,as he would be coming back to the country in three days time.

Seyi must not be aware of any of this, my thoughts raced back to Goke, if he is not ready to commit himself properly into our relationship, then I must return back to my tent. After this assignment, I am calling him to call it quit, it’s now or never, after all these years, who knows if i am not even in his plans.

My boss was magnanimous enough to have left me off today so early after I had told him the story, he seems quite fascinated and I raced off to book a venue, calling Motunrayo along to help me with the arrangements, getting a venue was no problem, Lekan had sent enough money to cover for everything.

What I thought was going to be a problem for me turned out to be the simplest of all, Lekan had instructed that I get a good graphic designer to have the word,’Seyi, will you marry me’, Motunrayo had made it look so easy, for just with a swipe on her phone, she had already dialled the right contact, we sent out a bulk SMS to our mutual friends inviting them for this, all unknown to Seyi.

I beamed with a sigh of satisfaction as I looked at the venue, inspecting all the arrangements that we had made, tomorrow my friend will receive the biggest surprise of her life. I silently made a wish that mine will be next.

Picking a chair for myself, I sat down, my mind drifted off to the chain of events in my office today, I don’t really understood why everyone was extremely nice to me, no extra work from the boss office, even Mr Henry had volunteered to help sorting out my files, on a normal day, Mr Henry would never do that, but today was a normal day, then why the weird feeling, I’m not bothered to know. All I know was that the hour hand was fast ticking into the dark hours


Work today went on as yesterday went, the nice treatment continued, in fact it came from all angles, well I thought, it’s my lucky week, ‘enjoy it while it last’ my soul said to me, I needed not to see my boss to leave work very early, TGIF.

Doing fast and furious away from the office garage, I raced off to the venue, patching a call across to Seyi on my way, sheepishly asking her to meet me at the 619 hangout spot, well I knew she would never say no, anything for the freebies, that’s Seyi for you.

True to my words, I found her car already waiting for me right inside the park, fleets of cars where already parked there, so it took me awhile before I could find a suitable spot for me to park my car, the security man was nowhere to be found.

While we exchanged pleasantries we walked in, dashing straight to the invited guests, Seyi was trudging at my back looking quite indifferent, well I thought she was curious seeing all our friends here, I never knew I was wrong, not until I saw the banner we had designed bearing the caption, ’Doyin will you marry me’ instead of ‘Seyi, will you marry me’

Immediately , my cheek went red with annoyance, what sort of mistake is this, just as I was about screaming for Motun, I saw my boss, Mr Henry, walking into the room, I was stupefied, I needed an explanation for this.

Seyi was at the entrance laughing out loud at me, what’s happening here, just then I saw Goke walking into the room, with Lekan following him, I was crushed, right there I realised what was happening, Goke came straight for me, kneeling down, saying all I had ever wanted to hear, ‘will you marry me’ tears flowed freely on the terrace of my face, I had just planned my Engagement Proposal.

The Proposal

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