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The pre-adaptive nature of man

then the lord God formed from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath or spirit of life, and man become a living being.”

*structurally, man dynamo, a combination of both spiritual and physical elements, making him pre-adaptive to both realms. This is quite sophisticated for a mortal with the ability to transcend.

Man being the last of God creation put him at the center of the universe. Making man the master over the universe but not the creator of the universe.

*now, humans as universal elements consists of the entire cycle of life and existence- the existence of the universe evolves in the existence of man, being the center of the universe.

*in the paradigm of interconnectioness and universalism, man is perceive as the flower of life which is the source of pollen to other elements of the universe. This implies that the advancement of the universe is tied to the advancement of man.

“we’re adaptive to the pandemics of the universe.”

*  right now humans are the most sophisticated machines  on the surface of the 🌍. We’re pre-adaptive to the calamitous nature of the cosmic world. We can survive and thrives where no other elements can or dares to.

*just like the lithophytes plants that grows only on rocks so are we. We can grow wherever we’re planted by life because we’re pre-adaptive and voracious by nature.

we use every other elements of the universe to our advantage, the storms enables us soar to higher altitude just like the eagles.

The covid19 pandemic has once again proven our pre-adaptive nature as humans . We evolve, we don’t stand still. Stay adaptive stay safe.




A realist, observer of nature, an inspiration to innovation. Atmosphere of inspiration book Club AIBC. We owe mother earth our very intellectual.

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