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Self Development; Pursuing Purpose In The New Normal

while trying to become all that we wish to be, we make the common mistake of neglecting the “self” that incubates, gives birth, and nurses who we ultimately become in life. Self-development comes as a reminder, a self-help mechanism that every human needs in order to grow bountifully and optimize his or her potential. it takes a lot of resources to be fruitful in all spectrums of life. this new and insightful and transformative book is one intellectually resource you wouldn’t want to miss out from. “Remember when you stop growing you start dying.” 

E-copies are available at;

You can also read the book-review by Titilope Oladiran, Founder @Teebooks Review




A realist, observer of nature, an inspiration to innovation. Atmosphere of inspiration book Club AIBC. We owe mother earth our very intellectual.

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