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Who is the new Nigerian Bobrisky look-alike?

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It seems the that the reign of Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju popularly known as Bobrissky finally met a new worthy rival. Who is he?


1 Answer

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    A new Bobrisky look-alike was spotted on the internet a few days ago, displaying pictures of him dressed as a sexy woman…
    His name is Victory Rihanne Chelsea Johnson. He is from Delta State. A cosmetologist whose skin care product was said to have helped in toning his complexion from dark to light.
    He is claimed to be Wizkid half Brother by some of his acclaimed relatives.
    He reacted recently on his facebook page for being compared to Bobrisky and Pela… He said,

    “I’m over BobRisky and Pela, I’m the flyest of them all.
    Beside what I did for a photoshoot for our products on BRONZING BODY BUTTER which will be in-stock soon.
    I don’t hate any of these two for any reason, but instead a step forward and higher to my daily inspirations after God and my everyday life, so please stop the comparisons”

    Pictures below
    bobrisky look alike
    bobrisky look alike
    bobrisky look alike
    bobrisky look alike
    bobrisky look alike
    Bobrisski look-alike

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