What is the hate speech and social media bill really about?

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The recent controversy has been around the hate speech and social media bill saga. What is it really about? Is it really to silence oppositions, the masses, or for political gain? Share your thoughts…


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  1. Don’t get it twisted

    For purposes of clarity, it’s important to state that there are actually two bills out there agitating the minds of social media users in Nigeria at the moment.

    There is the ‘Hate Speech Bill’ and the ‘Social Media Bill’. Both bills are not one and the same, even though they have been conflated in discourses on the internet.

    The hate speech bill, otherwise called the ‘Prohibition of Hate Speech Bill’ is being championed by Sen. Sabi Abdullahi (APC, Deputy Chief Whip), while the social media bill, otherwise called the ‘Internet Falsehood and Manipulation Bill’ is the brainchild of Sen. Mohammed Sani Musa.

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