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Improving Your Learning Skill

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Improving Your Learning Skill

Most of the prevalent problems associated with education in the present are due to a common presumption about the students we teach. This is why the topic Improving Your Learning Skill is apt and timely.

From my own experience as a student and later on as a formator, one fact that has become evident is that we presumed students know how to learn so we do not teach them how to.

Teachers went through a great deal of training before they are certified as qualified to teach. The act of standing in front of a set of students, each of them different individuals from different homes, with different capabilities, interest and dreams, is taken seriously that one who would take up that role must be taught that teaching is different from just pouring out some set of principles to pupils.

However, while we train teachers how to teach in various institutions of learning, we have forgotten that the students also need to learn how to learn.

Yes, it is true that the entire life of a human person is centered on learning. Form learning how to walk to how to speak and eat, man’s life from birth to death can be described as a continuous effort to master the nuances of life and what it takes to be in it.

It is for this reason that a human being is a student from the instance of conception to death. So, learning how to learn to important because you will always heave to learn something.

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Who should learn

Regardless, the type of learning characterized by a definite setting seen in classrooms needs to be learnt. If definite results are expected, it cannot be done anyhow.

Just as teachers learn how to teach and they don’t do so by teaching immediately they start, so also student need to learn how to learn before they start the learning process.

This is what this book intend doing and since everyone both the teacher and student are perpetual learners in the same field they teach or learn, this work is relevant for them.

At a time like ours in which everything happens fast and competition is rife, to remain relevant either as a teacher or student depends on how much information you can get within the shortest space of time.

Paying attention on how to get the best from learning is then crucial because you will not always have a teacher to teach you all you need to survive in the complex society of the twenty first century.

Most of the things you will need later on in life will be learnt individually outside classroom. In fact, the principles of learning that we are about to teach you here were not learnt in class as students.

Years of personal research and experience in and outside the classroom gave birth to the discovery. True education gives you the tool you need to find information for yourself and it is that ideal that has informed the following topics.

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