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How to use “Everyone, no one, someone nobody, somebody”

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*Everyone, no one, someone nobody, somebody* must be used with *singular verbs*.

Everyone, no one, someone nobody, somebody *+ is, was, has* and *does*

Everyone, no one, someone nobody, somebody *+ singular main verbs (verbs that have the addition of “s”; e.g. sings, writes, flies)*

▪Everyone _is_ happy.
▪Everyone _is_ here.
▪Everyone _was_ invited.

▪Everyone _reads_ to be knowledgeable.
▪Everybody _wants_ to be known for good.
▪Everyone _knows_ their names.
▪No one/nobody _understands_ me.

◼Every one of the *children*…
◼Each of the *boys* _has_ a football.
◼Each of the *teachers* _cares_ about the pupils.

▪Every company _has_ a set of rules.


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