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  1. How to care for someone who has been stabbed

    How to care for someone who has been stabbed

    Getting stabbed is scary, terrifying and deadly in nature, but unfortunately, this happens sometimes even to good people. The goal of this post is to give a summary and simple tips on how to care for someone who has been stabbed.How to care for someone who has been stabbed

    1. Do not attempt to run after the assailant for your own safety and do not panic. It might be difficult but its necessary to stay as calm as possible.
    2. Call the nearest medical health agency available immediately, for example 911.
    3. Lay the victim down in a best comfortable position, tilting the head up.
    4. Examine the wounds, check the depth and extent of injury.
    5. Check victims’ ABC (airway, breathing, and circulation). This includes checking the victim’s pulse, consciousness and listening to the heartbeat.
    6. If they are not breathing, the first thing to do is a CPR, to unsure the victim is breathing again, you can’t be treating someone already dead.
    7. If breathing, then remove the clothing over the stab wound and treat. Ensure you use clean materials to clean and treat wounds (Definitely avoid direct contact with victims blood if you have any open cuts, you want to be secured too).
    8. If its a deep and intense wound, apply direct pressure on the wound to lessen bleeding. How to care for someone who has been stabbed
    9. If there is anything stuck in the wound like the weapon or any object, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE IT.
    10. After treating the wound, cover with sterile wool or bandage. Remember to apply pressure till the medical team arrives.

    What if you are the victim yourself? Remember to first call for help, but while you wait and hope help comes, you have to be your own hero. Stay calm, and carefully follow the steps listed above.


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