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Effects of daily exposure to phones and computers

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Effects of daily exposure to electronic gadgets like phones, computers, and other household gadgets

Prolonged exposure to blue light, such as that which emanates from your phone, computer and household fixtures affects human longevity.

Effects of daily exposure to phones and computers

Using an electronic device – answering emails, listening to the news, looking at Facebooks — puts a lot of pressure on the *prefrontal cortex, the front of the brain.

New research suggests that the blue wavelengths produced by light-emitting diodes damage cells in the brain as well as retinas.

In a research led by Jaga Giebultowicz,  examines how flies responded to daily 12-hour exposures to blue LED light, similar to the prevalent blue wavelength in devices like phones and tablets and found that the light accelerated aging.

Flies subjected to daily cycles of 12 hours in light and 12 hours in darkness had shorter lives compared to flies kept in total darkness or those kept in light with the blue wavelengths filtered out.

Effects of daily exposure to phones and computers

The flies exposed to blue light showed damage to their retinal cells and brain neurons and had impaired locomotion. The flies’ ability to climb the walls of their enclosures, a common behavior, was diminished

Some of the flies in the experiment were mutants that do not develop eyes, and even those eyeless flies displayed brain damage and locomotion impairments, suggesting flies didn’t have to see the light to be harmed by it.

Effects of daily exposure to phones and computers


There are a few things that can be done to help protect and maintain the eyes and brain from this malady, they include:

  • Having a considerable hours of rest and staying in nature helps to refresh the brain
  • Use of eyeglasses with amber lenses will filter out the blue light and protect your retinas.
  • Setting  phones, laptops and other devices to block blue light emissions.

The most important of this care is to immerse oneself deeply in nature, it benefits can be very deep as it helps;

  • rest and recharge the brain
  • improve our productivity
  • lower our stress levels
  • and make us feel better.

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