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    I would say this is quite intelligent and apt. Here is what I think... True, rape is totally condemned, but I still think we are fighting it in a totally wrong way.  You say, "any man that has issues with the statement "all men are rapist" is probably a rapist or should shut up. No, I can't shut up,Read more

  2. Femme Fatale

    Well Femme Fatale means a very sexually attractive woman, who would play withbyour emotions, once you fall in love with them, they get whatever they want at anytime... usually leaving their victims helpless and broken...

  3. Book Review : The Krishna Key

    Wow, I would like to have access to the indian version of the Da Vinci Code... Leonardo Da Vinci was such a great writer, though controversial but also intriguing.

  4. Inexplicable insight

    A very short and simple but power post. Is there really a time we feel we have fully discovered our self? What is the hallmark  of self discovery? For me, I think self-discovery is a life-long journey, you think you have realized your full potential, only to realize, you might just be starting.

  5. What the world needs are voices that resonates, hearts burning with Zeal, talents that heal not kill and intelligence that builds not destroy. At CKCC WE BUILD ALL. you have tried the rest, now try the best!