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  1. This comment was edited.

    Benjamin Button: The story of a man born old and age backward (True story) As a child, Daisy meets Benjamin Button who suffers from a rare ageing ailment wherein he ages backwards. They keep in touch as she gets older and he turns younger. A book with a seemingly fictional character was published inRead more

  2. How to care for someone who has been stabbed Getting stabbed is scary, terrifying and deadly in nature, but unfortunately, this happens sometimes even to good people. The goal of this post is to give a summary and simple tips on how to care for someone who has been stabbed. Do not attempt to run aftRead more

  3. Don’t get it twisted For purposes of clarity, it's important to state that there are actually two bills out there agitating the minds of social media users in Nigeria at the moment. There is the ‘Hate Speech Bill’ and the ‘Social Media Bill’. Both bills are not one and the same, even though they havRead more