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    An android is a humanoid robot designed to be similar in form to humans. Some androids are built with the same basic physical structure and kinetic capabilities as humans but are not intended to really resemble people.  They may have jointed arms and legs, for example, that are capable of moving inRead more

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    A new Bobrisky look-alike was spotted on the internet a few days ago, displaying pictures of him dressed as a sexy woman... His name is Victory Rihanne Chelsea Johnson. He is from Delta State. A cosmetologist whose skin care product was said to have helped in toning his complexion from dark to lightRead more

  3. The term virus denotes a threat to a computer system, It got the name virus because of its ability to spread across other system within a short period of time. Here are a few computer virus that had wrecked havoc on organisations and individual computer system over time... Storm Worm ILOVEYOU MelisaRead more

  4. WhatsApp has the inbuilt feature that compresses picture or video qualities. Sometimes it might be almost impossible to maintain the same quality of picture/video on the WhatsApp status, but there are a few things that can be done. Ensure you set the 'low data usage' off. How to do this, go to settiRead more

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    Benjamin Button: The story of a man born old and age backward (True story) As a child, Daisy meets Benjamin Button who suffers from a rare ageing ailment wherein he ages backwards. They keep in touch as she gets older and he turns younger. A book with a seemingly fictional character was published inRead more

  6. Benjamin Button is commonly known as Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome Progeria is rare genetic disorder where the person age backward. The patients suffering from this disorder age eight times faster than an average person. For detailed answer click here The Reality of “The Curious Case of BenjaRead more

  7. How to care for someone who has been stabbed Getting stabbed is scary, terrifying and deadly in nature, but unfortunately, this happens sometimes even to good people. The goal of this post is to give a summary and simple tips on how to care for someone who has been stabbed. Do not attempt to run aftRead more

  8. Male seahorse is the sperm-producer during mating with the female seahorse, but it is also interesting to know that male seahorse carries the pregnancy for 9 – 45 days until the babies fully develop. This is because the male seahorse has a pouch (made of modified skin) on its stomach in which to carRead more

  9. Don’t get it twisted For purposes of clarity, it's important to state that there are actually two bills out there agitating the minds of social media users in Nigeria at the moment. There is the ‘Hate Speech Bill’ and the ‘Social Media Bill’. Both bills are not one and the same, even though they havRead more