You’re my lover, fast becoming my addiction.
Dazzling light and distraction.
The way it consumes me,
I can’t comprehend it either.

Even if my timing is imperfect,
the feeling of love got me excited.
Don’t tell me you don’t want,
I am too deep to let go.

A magnetic force pulls me into you,
I want to go wherever you go.
Forever, I want our souls moaning from
the intercourse of our hearts.

A quick thought of you seems to put
the universe in an ecstatic hold.
Even the stars quickly gather & spell your name so right.

Honey let’s talk about this unspoken thing between us.
I want ur oceans and ur heavens too.
So bring me in to taste your stars,
I am playing no game so never stay afar.

Forget about hurting me with your wait,
because you are my perfect kind of wreck.
I know it’s wrong so don’t try talk me out.

Don’t run, heart please don’t hide,
cause your naked emotion is my bliss.
Dare explore this, dare want me,
coz in my dreams. I do a lot to you.

Kill the light and let me show you your place,
I want you and I am shameless about it.
I am ready to face it,
So baby, tattoo my name in your heart.

Coz I’m your lover.

Adapted from @Jane_Bliss