Last Duty Amudipe Opeyemi Marcus [scarredpoet_]
The putrid air made me shiver, sending a cold chill down my emaciated bones and the deafening
winds circling, sorrowfully wept around us.As we walked towards a large baobab tree, we heard the
thunderous noises of an explosion,we ran to a nearby bunker to take cover while several helicopters
hovered over us in tactical formations.
I looked carefully around the area for any sign of life, all I saw told a tale of a life that was once but
no more, a squirrel ran out of a nearby bush, I wondered how it hard managed to survive the heavy
shelling in the area, it stopped as it came across a burnt log, staring back at us with sad eyes, we
had just destroyed it’s home
In the distance, the vultures circled, patiently waiting for our departure, before they start feasting
on the already decomposing bodies of men lying waste on the fields. I inhaled deeply and the awful,
choking air forced its way into my lungs.
What goodness comes from the mouth of guns! the sounds war are not soothing to our eardrums,
my decision to join the Army came with a great sacrifice, far from what I bargained for. Maami never
supported my decision to join the Army, she cried her eyes out while I said my goodbyes, while
Baami simply watched me with a stone face, it’s really hard for me to place his exact feelings, but I
knew it’s full of disappointment , he had always wanted me to be a Lawyer, he would always invite
Barrister Akolawole to our old house in Ibadan, before we moved to Ekiti , and whenever Barri was
around as we fondly called him, he would tell me stories of how lawyers used to defend their clients
in the law court, my greatest memory of him, was when he took me to the state high court, I
watched with rapt attention as he defended his clients that sunny afternoon.
Two days ago, before we were briefed, I was at home in the warmth embrace of Asake, my heavily
pregnant wife, she was due to put to bed anytime soon, I was glad I was home and will witness the
birth of my first child, my first arrow, the very first proof of my manhood.
She held my hands tightly placing them on her big protuded belly, we both felt the kicks, the small
but visible movements,few hours later I got a call that landed me here. Miles away from home
We are half way out of the danger zone, we had formed a diamond formation around the civilians as
we moved back to our base, just then, the birds on a nearby tree all flew away, we heard a sound.
I found myself sinking down in the mud, and this time I didn’t worry about the mud. It seemed like
a protective bunker shielding me, I thought to myself, well if this is death, it is not so bad