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El Fantasia 2

I am one of the few whose dream usually come true, at least, what I think.

So, It was the next morning, I decided to look out, if there was actually a neighbor next door, maybe or maybe not.

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It felt disappointing, I was about giving up on the ultimate search, I took a turn, then I heard the soft voice…

I said I’m coming now, just give me 10 minutes…

…the voice was sonorous, It was only natural for me to turn and look.

Your guess is as good as mine, an image of monalisa would be rendered ordinary if the artist had seen this enchantment of beauty.

She wore a long silk gown, embroidered with petals around the chest region. She was tall, slim and obviously bursty (if you know me well, you would understand my respect for such attributes).

I suppose it was a date, she was supposed to meet with a friend (a guy friend, whose temparament would be a blessing to my apriori libidinous experience).

I watched her walk in royalty, her steps were such of a model in her early 20s… I was like, Wow! Wow!! I mean Wow!!!

I am not usually shy to complement beauty this days, it has landed me in trouble a few times though. So, I approached her with my unshaved beards, looking like a village palmwine tapper who just visited the city for the first time.

I simply pretended to be going her way, so we walked and talked, trust me, my voice would be my only asset at this moment, you would think, I was born in Kansas city…

Long story short, she said she doesn’t talk to strangers and she barely knows me, yen yen yen😏😏😏 (national anthem) but somehow, I convinced her to let me type my number on her phone… she agreed reluctantly.

Then I turned back home, I thought to myself, so a fraction of my dream did come true… I never knew, it would be my luckiest day…

At about 2 and half hour later, I got a call, Truecaller showed ‘Rich calling’, I snorted but picked the call anyways, but an unexplainable excitement burst outta my head when I head, ‘it’s Rachel, you said you live nearby right? Are you home right now?’

I was like No! Ehhhmmm Yes! I am not far away, I can get home right away, just give me a few minutes…

I was at the barbershop, the feeling of wearing tattered beards earlier had prompted an instinctive decision to go and shave right away.

I jumped off the rolling chair as soon as the barber was done, I started running home like a cow that just escaped slaughter.

I got home gasping like I had just been rescued from the underwater drowning..
The house was not in so much a perfect shape, my boxers left at the corner of the couch. At least I wasn’t expecting she would want to enter a strangers house on a first day.

So, 25 minutes later, she called me to ask if I was around now. I went out of the gate to meet her.

I had always believed in the idiom, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I realized some beauty might behold the eye of every seer.

She was wearing a tight skin jeans, you could easily tell the distance between her thighs, the carmel’s toe shape wasn’t really visible, but it was only normal to imagine wat it would feel like.

She wore a roundneck with “Miami sweet home” inscription. Her breasts were now more appealing than even what it was in the early hours… My minds were filled with thoughts not so sure if were immoral or amoral, but there was actually no time to judge what was right or wrong anymore.

I noticed a daunting movement within my mains from below, I hoped it wouldn’t disappoint itself and not me.

We entered the room, and got talking… I wasn’t sure if I should ask how th date went, I didn’t want to ruin the possibilities running in my head.

She blurted, “that guy is a d*ck, you won’t believe I was just 30 minutes late and he left the date ground. What kind of guy doesn’t know ladies delay”…
The moment I realized the date never went well, I knew something was about to go down…

I wasn’t sure I heard any of her complaints about the guy anymore, till I heard, are you even listening to me? I responded, “some guys are just funny”, not sure if it fitted into the discussion.

She looked at me and smiled, she said you look cuter with your beards. That was the moment I started regretting my decision to shave. She said can I ask you something? I was like, yes, yes… of course, I can do anything for you, Oh I mean you can ask anything…

Can we make out?

Oh dear! I thought, My dream finally came true. I am gonna have sex, a good long sex!!!
The small man under was nodding in concordance.

We were about to kiss when, I heard the tormenting voice again… Ben! Ben!! O shi n sun (you are still sleeping) ? Shey you will not plug your phone before they take light?

That was the moment I knew it was time to move to a new apartment, I can’t live with a dream killer…

Benedict Oguntimehin

Benedict Oguntimehin

Philosophy and Computer Science graduate.
A writer and blogger.

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