Book Name : The lost faith

Book Author : Piyush Semwal

An engaging adventure thriller that has it all – Demigods, ferocious wolves, mighty elephants, drones, smuggling, fear evoking forests to mystic mountain ranges and many more. The thought provoking debut novel also emphasizes upon the aspects of faith, friendship, religion & orthodoxy. It is a tale of adventure which signifies the importance of respecting Mother Earth & her creations, or else be prepared to bear the gruesome backlash.



Protagonists are not born or made; they rise when karma provokes them. Join the thrilling journey of two friends, who go on a documentary-making assignment to a remote destination, a temple in the wilderness. The trip goes chaotic when they get caught amidst a wolf menace. How will they survive the mayhem? As the story unfolds, they come to know the murky past of the region and also meet a mysterious vigilante. Do you want to know the dark past and the strange man? The destiny takes them to another exotic land; the land of a vicious demigod, known to control wild elephants. For saving the community from his evil clutches, they hatch a complex plan. Will they succeed? Read on to know more…