When an American author, Richard Rorty, speculated about Antipodeans sometimes ago, the world thought it was mere farce. Perhaps you have not heard of them too, they are here anyway and until we saw them roaming our streets and running our lives, we thought they can only exist outside earth. The unbelievable is they are not easily identifiable because they are humans like us.

One major characteristic of Antipodeans is that they lack the capability to distinguish mental imagery from psychic impulses. This makes them dangerous to human society as they often find motivation for action in the pleasure they derive from it and explain events by recourse only to stimulus such events have on their nerve endings.

For Antipodeans, no action is wrong or right and there is no paradigm for knowledge and belief. Morality is but embellished metaphors that have attained the status of a credo after long use.

While we now dread their presence, their emergence was occasioned by our own creation. Our ebbing school system has succeeded in moulding our innocent children into intelligent Antipodeans. Even though there are few exemptions, a large majority of our schools have become breeding niche for insolence, mindless thinking and prepackaged WASSCE results.

Painfully, you are often not in awareness of what goes on in your children schools. Once you have fulfilled your role by paying, you innocently return to the world of work and business to provide for the need of these children and you are shocked to discover that while you paid for education, your children are being turned into mindless antipodeans. The moral bankruptcy of the 21st century has made many of them intelligent but morally deficient. A good school should give you both.

You need not despair. A team of Catholic Education experts has set up a school that studies this educational aberration carefully and has been proffering solutions to them since 1994.

Christ the King Catholic College Odolewu-Ijebu, Ogun State Nigeria is the hope of parents with good education intent for their wards. Through various programs ranging from psychosocial cognitive enhancement and academic mentoring, CKCC boys are taught how to be emotionally balanced for study, solve problems, research for fact with or without supervision, and train their memories for recall when such information are needed.

What testifies to our holistic education style is seen in that there is no aspect of life CKCC boys are not excelling. She represented Nigeria in the mathematics Olympiad in Atlanta 1998, won the best school of WASSCE in 2017, came 6th among 600 other schools across the world in a robotics competition that took place in the United States in 2018 and 4th in the 2019 edition of the roborave competition in Estonia.

Founded to be a formative ground for faith, industry and service, your ward can have no better place for all round education.
Antipodeans are truly here invading us gradually but we can transform them with the pruning hooks of holistic education.

Give your child the best education and you will always have peace on him.

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